1. Well….he did not dope like his peers…..he has not been caught yet.

  2. There are stories of his frozen samples being used for testing years later and newer, more accurate tests than the ones available at the time showed he was doping. My feeling is he was always one step ahead of the testers.
    Also, if he’s truly clean, it’s pretty incredible that he beat about 30 riders at the top of their game that actually doped with performance enhancing drugs throughout their careers. Doesn’t that seem unlikely and absolutely incredible if he truly didn’t dope? I mean, I understand being fast and being one of the top guys if you’re in great shape, but to actually beat everyone else including those taking hormones, loading their blood with extra red blood cells, and taking supplements to speed recovery?
    I believe this will all come out in the investigation into the US Postal team, but at this point at least three or four team members have admitted there was rampant doping on the team that included Lance. I’d say there is zero chance Lance didn’t participate (if not lead it).

  3. Should have underlined the work like in my original post…I agree, he probably doped….but he did not dope like the others. They got caught…he will likely get caught, but when is the question.

  4. Doping : road cycling :: under-the-table payments : college athletics.

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