1. I’m not sure I believe the claim. There’s no proof of a landing. Landing is an integral part of claiming first double front flip on a bike, still pretty insane indeed.

  2. I have no doubt he landed it, they just shortened the clip to try and trump up some sort of dirt jump series or video or something.

  3. Let me be clear that, obviously, an impressive achievement. But it really cheapens it for me when the start the trick out by being pulled by a motorcycle. I don’t know why, but it just makes it feel like cheating since it means you’re probably going faster than would be possible with a bike alone.
    I dunno, maybe I’m just old.

  4. What’s the likelyhood that if that were the case, they would edit it in a manner that makes it look exactly like a false claim?
    If you look at snowboard vids from the sports early days, freestyle footage was filled with edits like these… because they weren’t pulling their tricks and landings cleanly and were stacking like sacks of potatoes.
    All the ‘teaser’ edits that I’ve seen cut the action short mid-air (or often ‘two-thirds’ air…if that makes sense) — and not right at the second a landing is usually aborted because they bailed.

  5. To pull that double flip off probably took anywhere from 25 to 100 tries, if not more. On a gap that size he would have blown up long before he made it to 100 from all the pedaling. The bike gives him a control element (measurable mph) and saves his legs giving him more stamina to make sure he nailed it.

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