in crazy shit off the top of my head

Thoughts from the bottom of a ditch after veering off the road while reading email on my iPhone while riding my road bike near a farm

Man, there sure are a lot of beer bottles and cans down here.

If my 18 year old self could see me today at 36, I'm sure he'd want to know why I'm still doing stupid shit like getting so engrossed with my phone that I actually did this.

Thank god I didn't break anything on my bike or myself.

I wonder if I could condense this stupid moment to 140 characters?

  1. Matt, our household reply this was.. “you dickhead”!
    Just a stupid as a texting driver.

  2. Well, to be fair, I was riding a 15lb bike in the middle of nowhere, so I only had myself to injure.
    Also, yes, I learned a valuable lesson and will never do this ever again on a bike and definitely not in a car.

  3. Yeah, it’s fine, though this is probably the third or fourth time I’ve dropped it from a height of 3-4 feet above hard ground.

  4. Wow, that is like looking into a mirror. Now I want to dig up all of the old Calvin dad comics (I recall the one where he eats oatmeal at 5am then goes into a freezing rain on his bike to hit close to home).

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