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Conversations I’ll someday have with my daughter that will make little to no sense to her no matter how much I try to explain

"I remember the day we got cable"

"I remember the day I finally got broadband internet"

"The Safety Dance was the first 45 single I bought"

"My brother got one of the first CD players on our block"

"I owned many, many cassingles"

"For ten years, I watched a 19" TV from across a large room"

"I remember the Tears for Fears CD costing almost $20"

"My first cellphone charged you money just for keeping it turned on"

"I once delivered bundled newspapers as a kid, on my bike, and later in college, using my car"

"There was a time when you couldn't buy music digitally from any record label, but you could download it or convert your existing music for free"

"When I was 11, our phones had cords and you had to put them onto this device, then tell your Commodore computer to call Compuserve, and it was basically just a crappy text-based encyclopedia and a private message system"


  1. if your kid is anything like mine, any sentence that starts with “I” followed by a past tense verb, regular, irregular or participle, will treated about the same. Think Gary Larson: “what a cat hears” etc.

  2. Then, I went into a phone booth to check the phone book for the nearest Photomat to develop my film.

  3. Our children will regard Seinfeld as some sort of Sartresque exercise in pointless behavior.

  4. When I went to film school we watched movies on 16mm film. There were no VCRs or DVDs.

  5. We had a black & white TV until I was nearly 8! And we didn’t get cable until I was 12. And I still remember when we got our touch tone phone and got rid of the rotary. Fiona and Ollie won’t even know what these things were.
    Oddly though, it was in our early lifetime, not theirs, that men walked on the moon and that people could travel supersonic on a commercial jet. So who really lives in the future? :)

  6. In college, we used to have hours long arguments and make bets about who was right about some point of trivia, and then someone would have to go find a book to look it up.

  7. When something happened in the world we had to wait until the morning newspaper came out to read about it – or at least wait until the evening news on TV!

  8. or ‘When I was a kid, we couldn’t attempt self-diagnosis with the internet. We actually had to go to the doctor about the strange rash ruminating on one of our limbs.’

  9. ugh, that compuserve encyclopedia sucked. i got more information out of the dictionary.

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