1. Should’ve gone to Heiser on Saturday to check out the race. I was there on Sunday, and the fire fighter waterball contest just wasn’t as thrilling as we’d hoped 😉
    But that pumpkin cannon is something!

  2. Cool video, Matt. I work at a local TV station and we’re looking at buying a bunch of Flip cameras, so this looks promising. Any chance of a brief review of the device, or just a few comments?

  3. wow, what a beautiful course! i just started doing cyclocross this season in SF and i don’t think our courses are nearly as scenic!

  4. Tommy, the flips are great, but for TV production you’ll probably want the $180 Kodak HD cameras that are a similar size and operation.
    May, yeah, this was a great course, on the grounds of a giant farm next to a big river, so we had lots of roads and green-covered paths that became part of the course.

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