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An iPhone lesson I wish I hadn’t learned today

If you leave your iPhone on vibrate 90% of the time like I do and you use the iPhone as an alarm clock when you travel, remember to turn off vibrate before you go to sleep, because the sound that wakes you up won’t be Marimba, it’ll be Airport Shuttle Guy Banging On Your Door, which is a much less pleasant tone.

  1. My alarms always ring when the phone is on vibrate. Maybe the 2.0 upgrade busted that? Or maybe it was the hooked to the laptop-ness. I’ve noticed that the phone does some weird things in that state…calls go right to voicemail, etc.

  2. I think it was probably a case of the headphones being in rather than the vibrate button being on. The alarm will sound regardless of the position of the ringer switch, but if the headphones are plugged in the alarm only sounds in the headphones.

  3. hmm. I definitely slept through no sound and woke up 45 minutes later without any sounds coming out of my iPhone, and I didn’t have headphones hooked up.
    Maybe I had the ringer volume set low? The phone wasn’t right next to me, it was charging on my laptop about four feet away.

  4. That’s weird. According to the user guide, “When set to silent mode, iPhone
    doesn’t ring or sound any alerts or sound effects. Alarms set using Clock do sound,

  5. I’ve noticed buggy sound services with 2.0. It could be because of that. e.g. Sometimes the slider unlock click sound stops for no reason.

  6. I’ve had this happen, though the time it occurred I had left the phone sitting on the metal base of a lamp so the vibrations were amplified enough to wake me.
    Sometimes the iPhone doesn’t properly register removing the headphones and thinks they’re still attached — you can see this by hitting one of the volume buttons while on the Home screen. If the phone knows the headphones have been removed, the volume display will read “Ringer.” But if there are headphones attached — or the phone thinks they’re still attached — the display will read “Headphones.”
    It could be my imagination, but it seems like this has happened slightly more frequently since I upgraded to 2.0.

  7. FWIW, I keep the phone on vibrate, headphones in, and phone on the dock and still get my 6:20 wakeup call every weekday. (I also have two other alarms set in the apartment, but this isn’t about my low level OCD)

  8. Yea. That will also make you late for work as well. Note to self: Keep phone ringer all.

  9. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I went to sleep after charging the battery to full, then woke up when my buddy told me the cab to the airport was waiting. Battery was dead and iPhone had been on vibrate …

  10. This hasn’t been the case with me. I was in the library with my iPhone (first gen hardware, 2.0 software) on vibrate with the headphones in, and I set an alarm hoping not to disturb anyone. But it went off through the speakers anyway, earning me various dirty looks.

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