McCain: about as exciting as a mid-80s K-car

I saw my first McCain bumper sticker yesterday and two things struck me. One, I’m surprised it took this long to find a single supporter in the republican-heavy area I live in, and two, the logo looked familiar. Thanks to 30 seconds of google image search, I think I figured it out:



  • I like how the “Paid for by John McCain” ad is showing in the right sidebar in a post that you are clearly not promoting him! Excellent.

  • You have it all wrong! It’s the MCI logo with an extra “c”, “A” and “N” thrown in and the “swoosh” flipped horizontally. :)

  • Now I’m not McCain supporter but I like his logo. I think it simple and strong. If anything the Chrysler logo is trying to emulate a military feel while McCain was actually in the military.

  • What old is new again: Chrylser LLC went back to the “pentastar” logo after the restructuring. The cars still use the wings and ribbon, but the company itself has reverted. I haven’t a clue when we’ll see the uglified pentastar on vehicles…

  • Being British (where the US election coverage seems to be Obama v Clinton) it took me a while to figure out that you weren’t on about chips/fries:

  • It looks like the Thomson publishing Logo. Actually, a LOT like Thomson publishing.

  • As a former owner of a 1987 Dodge Aries coupe (66 rapid horsepower), I’m getting a kick out of these replies.
    Then again, I did manage to put 460,000km on it before letting it rust away. I had to start it each morning by smashing the solenoid with a hammer (I expect McCain needs to follow a similar regimen).

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