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Globalization is freaking awesome

Chinese Hammer fucking rules, originally uploaded by mathowie.

I stumbled across Chinese Hammer tonight and fell in love with it for a thousand reasons. Just the thought of someone halfway around the world mimicking a video from 1989 in a move-for-move remake. Also, the mom on the couch crocheting, oblivious to the awesome dancing. Then I posted it to MetaFilter only to find there’s a such thing as YouTube Doubler to play them side by side.

I captured the best bits in a short movie here. About 30 seconds in, things start matching up and it just keeps staying awesome for another minute or so.

update: cool, the dude has a ton of other videos (Thriller, more MC Hammer, etc)

  1. i can’t believe there is woman knitting in the background the entire time throughout that video. awesome.

  2. And did you see his michael jackson!?!

    Underwear on the outside – it’s a really effective MJ affect!

  3. MC Hammer is like the Rosetta Stone. here’s a Korean kindergarten’s version. In that case, though, the globalization agent seems to be a smartass expat English teacher, shades of the beginning of Stripes, where all the ESL immigrants learn to say is “Da do ron ron.”

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