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Patton Oswalt’s Dukes of Hazzard

Patton Oswalt has a new album coming out and I got to listen to the whole thing today and I enjoyed it. I’m going to do something unusual here and post one of the 22 tracks. It’s a two minute riff on the crazy scandals that continue to hit the Bush Administration and it’s the best description I’ve heard for the uncanny talent the White House has for averting one disaster after another.



  1. On the strength of this one track alone, I too shall be buying a CD.

  2. I love Patton Oswalt… you should pick up “Feelin’ Kinda Patton” too. He’s a hilarious little troll of a man.

  3. I’m buying the crap out of this album, even though I’ve probably heard all the bits already. Oswalt is a genius.

  4. Saw Patton at Conan O’Brien’s taping in SF…that’s one funny dude. I, too, shall legally acquire this work 😉

  5. Man do I love me some Patton Oswalt. America’s funniest man; when I used to go see Aimee Mann or Michael Penn at Largo gigs, his pre-show (and during show) banter was like icing on the cake.

  6. Ah, I forgot about his Mann/Penn gigs. That’s the first time I saw him perform standup by himself, during their 2000 tour stop in SF.
    All I remember is saying “man, that little pudgy dude from the Mr. Show sketches was hilarious!”
    Thus began my life-long fandom…

  7. I loved that clip, thanks for posting. If I get a chance I’ll purchase a copy.

  8. Awesome! Patton’s last album is one of my favorite comedy albums. It is possibly the only piece of entertainment that I (can and do) enjoy over and over and….
    I was unaware he had a new one coming out and appreciate this info. as well as the clip.

  9. patton was a friend of my best friend in college; they both worked on the college paper. we all thought he was the funniest guy on the planet back then, like pee-your-pants funny, and i try never to miss an opportunity to see him, whether live or recorded. this is proof that he just keeps getting awesomer. more awesome. whatever. dukes of hazzard. that’s going to have me randomly giggling for weeks.

  10. There’s a Patton Oswalt album “Feelin’ Kind Patton” over on, if you’re looking for more of his stuff.

  11. I love this bit, too. A fellow added pictures to it on youtube.
    Check it out. He gives Patton credit for the writing.

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