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No Wii for me

I was running some errands and figured I’d drop by my local Gamestop around 1pm to reserve a spot for a new Wii. I live in the middle of nowhere and the pre-order launch was only on a few sites as a rumor so I figured it’d be no problem. The controller looks really innovative and the games look fun but I didn’t think there’d be any mass appeal for it.

The guy working there said there was a line at the opening of the store today, and they hit their limit of 20 pre-orders after just a few minutes. I think it’s time for pre-order pre-ordering so I could have snagged one of those pre-order slots.


  1. Though I’m a diehard PS2 fan, I’d be lying if I said the Wii WASN’T the most intriguing of the new consoles. Although, have you seen that trailer for the new Darkness game?
    In any event, I get nostalgic whenever there’s a spate of pre-order madness. Brings back memories of the SNES and Mario 3.

  2. I spent half an hour waiting on line at my local Gamestop after school only to find out they were out. It makes no sense that they only have around 20 for pre-ordering.

  3. I called at 9am to check the status. The store didn’t open till 10am, but they already had 4 more people in the line to pre-order than they had available under pre-order status. Does anybody know of another store that is doing a pre-order system?

  4. “The controller looks really innovative and the games look fun but I didn’t think there’d be any mass appeal for it.”
    The design of the controller and new games that incorporate its new modes of interaction anchor Nintendo’s strategy for scooping up the mass market and making them potential gamers, no?
    The Wii smacks of a super popular console to me, but I guess we’ll see how things go…

  5. I still have my garage sale money from May squirreld away for this. Though I keep telling myself there’s no reason for me to get it at launch, I know very well that’s what I’m going to try to do. It’d make me happy if Amazon were to announce they have more available…

  6. The rumor is that there will be 2,000,000 units available at launch, so hopefully pre-ordering doesn’t matter much.

  7. Yeah, every gamer I hear talk about it online and off says “I dunno about that controller… seems like a gimmick and not for real play”.
    I rarely read positive reviews of it on blogs, everyone wants to slag it and see it fail it seems.

  8. Not here in SF. Everyone I talk can’t wait to buy the thing … including me (in spite of the awful, awful name).

  9. “Pre-order pre-ordering” sounds like the lottery wrist bands one gets for popular concert tickets. I can picture vendors using such a scheme to get people to sign up for email lists, etc.: “Sign up for pre-order pre-ordering, and all you have to do is let us spam you!”

  10. Matt, I think you mix in wrong and soulless circles. My diehard PC gamer boyfriend is breaking a 10 year abstinence and buying a Wii (and he just bought a DS lite to tide him over). I don’t know anyone who *doesn’t* want one (UK, US, Australia, rest of Europe etc etc). As far as I can see, it’s going to be huuuuuuge.

  11. Just be thankful you don’t want a PS3, Matt. three of my friends & I lined up @ 4:00 AM, and we were the 17th-20th in line for a store that got 16 total units.

  12. I second Natali’s comment. Every single friend I have, as well as many of their parents, want a Wii. Not a single one seems too thrilled about an XBOX or PS3.
    Nintendo is on a roll. First the DS, now this.

  13. I lined up in the AM for a Wii and missed out by 3 people.
    I am fairly certain that while the Pre-Order numbers are limiting, there will be more launch units available. I think retailers were playing it safe.
    I think if I can hold out for 6 months I can get a Black Wii…. so I am gonna try.
    DS homebrew and the like has recently opened me up to a whole new gaming world already.

  14. Well, it’s almost 2007 and Christmas is over and I can tell you now that the Wii is the number one sought after item this year. Everwhere I look XB360 and PS3 line the selves and nobody seems to be buying them, but ever Wii in existence seems to be sold out in a matter of minutes after it arrives on the store selves. Actions speak louder than words and thoughts. Wii is in and in big time.

  15. hey i just read this blog now (in june). my brother really wanted a wii when it launched and he just got his hands on one now. how crazy can you get?

  16. I got my wii 2 weeks ago FINALY! I was lucky enough to be at wal mart at the right time and I wasnt playing around I seen the wiis being stocked and I want to publicly say I am sorry to the many kids I pushed! Well Ill give you a review of the games I got cuz i wish someone would have done it for me! Mario Party 8 is awsome if you intend to play with multi playes. Single its not so much fun. I would recomend that if you need to buy a remote you simply buy the reg. remote not the wii play it is dumb and a waste of 10 bucks you will need to get the VERY expensive games. I bought harry potter 1 week ago and I have already beaten it. Its only one player and is kinda stupid and i was expecting (from the comercials) that it would have been aimed at older teens…Its not! Its very simple and stupid. Wii sports came with my wii and i think it is so cool my whole family loves it!

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