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Over the weekend, a new app called macsaber came out. The moment I realized that geeks everywhere would be swinging their new laptops around, my first thought was how stupid that must look and how that could easily become another Star Wars Kid parody.

My new macbook showed up today and I downloaded macsaber. The rest is internet history:

I went for accuracy, combing my hair down, putting on tight khakis and a striped tight shirt, and following his first set of movements.

Link to the youtube video


  1. that was awesome. Good work. I signed up for a typekey account just to compliment you. good stuff.

  2. Oh, tee-hee. Both horribly, horribly wrong… and hiarious. The thousand-yard stare into the camera right at the end is classic!
    Last but not least, this app could lead to a few epic saves, thanks to the instant of warning one might get.
    *thwack* *clatter* “Oh, shit! Scratch one Mac.”
    *rerrr* *thud* *user breaks fall of computer with body*
    …In theory, at least.

  3. Dude, you know how you have a daughter? And you were worried about how someday a boy would show up on your doorstep, trying to date her?

  4. I think this is the 21st Century equivalent of watering your lawn in Bermuda shorts and black knee socks. Congratulations! You’ve now proto-actively embarassed your daughter.

  5. It’s like a Perfect Geek Storm.
    And you are the Perfect Geek Storm Trooper.
    Big ups for the haircut and camera staring.

  6. I am so proud to be your friend.
    That totally rocked.
    If you’re gonna do something do it right, and you definitely know how to do it.

  7. That was amazing, the staring into the camera was a little scary but major props to you for the whole performance!

  8. When isnoop first showed me this app, I called it the best app ever. That movie was the best movie ever.

  9. Instant internet classic! Should have recreated the part where he almosts falls down.

  10. This is clearly in the top 10 of all time. If I could only keep one on my hard drive, I’d seriously archive this over ‘One night in Paris’.
    In an age when everyone wants to be entertained but does nothing, here is a man willing to throw down and and deliver. Brilliant.

  11. This is absolutely, utterly awesome. I just gave my wife a little light saber show m’self.

  12. I can’t get enough. You have the whole off balance thing down perfect, and that look on your face can be described with only two words- Ice cold. Touche.

    hahaha.. funny video, love it.

  14. Matt, I have never visited your blog before, but I found this video through Cameron Moll and I just had to leave you a comment because it is absolutely HILARIOUS! Thank you for making this Star Wars fan’s day. 😀 Lol.

  15. This probably won’t make the page but I will write it anyhow…
    That video is so unbelievable lame that I am ashamed that we are the same species…
    I’m glad you have to personally approve this message, so I can be even less carefull what I write and you have to read it anyway.
    I just spent half an hour on making sound work in flash again.
    (I use Linux, that means I know how to work with a computer, and I don’t use them to swing around and hope that the whole world will find me funny)
    And silently hoping that your lame video would be better with sound then without, I was profoundly dissapointed.
    I don’t know man…
    All I can see on that pitty video of you is a sad sad man, hoping to get some attention by swinging a computer and get some friends by putting it on the internet.
    I feel sorry for you man.
    I hope you make a lot of money in your job, or something that lightens up your pittifull existence.
    no greetings of any kind,

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