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Question: Name a controversy in politics in the last five years where the outrage of Democrats affected real change. My hypothesis: the only Republicans I’ve seen removed from positions did so only after independent courts or Republicans themselves agreed with Democrats and allowed it to happen (like Trent Lott).

I’ve been suffering from outrage fatigue for years now and every week it seems like some flaggrant lawbreaking on the part of the President or his party is going to have consequences, but it never does. Nothing ever seems to come out of anything except some quips on the Daily Show.

Dear readers, I ask you for some success stories. What change have the Democrats actually acheived on their own in the past five years?

  1. Nothing in the past five years that I can think of. There is not enough organization in the party to power a change to anything.

  2. Harriet Miers. ‘Nuff said.
    Now, it’s possible that it was her meetings with both Republicans as well as Democrats that went very very very badly. But yeah, the Democrats won that battle. But then of course, there’s the conspiracy theory that they were tricked into winning that battle in order that they would lose the war (Alito).

  3. I think Harriet Miers is another one where both sides didn’t like her. I heard many Republicans say she was totally unqualified.
    But you mentioned Alito — there’s a person the Democrats really didn’t want (the guy condoned torture for crissakes) and it didn’t amount to jack squat in the end.

  4. How about the Dubai World Ports deal? …yeah, nevermind.
    Remember when Cheney shot that guy, and the democrats did…oh, right. Nothing.
    Hey, we (by we I mean Hillary and Joe) got Take Two Interactive in big trouble over the Hot Coffee mod. That’s something to be proud of.

  5. There isn’t a whole heck of a lot – especially with the Dems being wimpy and out of power, but the Dept. Of Homeland Security – for better or worse – wouldn’t exist without the Dems.

  6. It seems both parties totally live up to their stereotypes. Republicans make knee-jerk decisions and never change course, even when it’s obvious their initial (not well considered) assumptions were false. Democrats are whiny and weak. They can’t make up their minds on anything and their economic policies are absurd.
    I’m hoping all this polarization will lead us to a middle road. If you examine our best presidents (like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, etc) they were capable of breaking with their party on major issues. Can anyone name a current politician who will break with his party over anything significant?

  7. “Can anyone name a current politician who will break with his party over anything significant?”
    Of course. Bush, Jr., on immigration, is out-of-step with mainstream Republican views; McCain, on issues of civil liberties, tax cuts, environment, et al; Olympia Snow, on this and that, including the nuclear option near-débâcle; just to name a few.

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