links for 2006-04-19

Back behind the lens

I’ve been neglecting my once-ambitious photo site for the past year. I used to think it was because Fiona was taking up all my free time, but I realized it was more the tools I was using and the restraints I imposed on myself. I’ve continued to take a lot of photographs in the past year, but I’ve been short on free time to process them or think of things to say about them. I realized the confined template and complicated workflow was keeping me from uploading photos to the site.

So I started from scratch with blank HTML page, and made sure it was flexible for any size photo and any amount of text while always keeping the back/next nav in the same exact place so you can click your mouse and page through dozens quickly.

Ultimately, I’d like to script something that lets me upload an image to flickr, pull it down along with the title and description into my photoblog, and have each entry link back to flickr to handle comments. Eventually, it’d be nice if I could just select a good photo in iPhoto, export to flickr and hit a single button to do the rest of interaction with my photoblog, but until then I’m still uploading them one at a time to my blog, only now the site can showcase shots of any shape or size.

Reader politics quiz

Question: Name a controversy in politics in the last five years where the outrage of Democrats affected real change. My hypothesis: the only Republicans I’ve seen removed from positions did so only after independent courts or Republicans themselves agreed with Democrats and allowed it to happen (like Trent Lott).

I’ve been suffering from outrage fatigue for years now and every week it seems like some flaggrant lawbreaking on the part of the President or his party is going to have consequences, but it never does. Nothing ever seems to come out of anything except some quips on the Daily Show.

Dear readers, I ask you for some success stories. What change have the Democrats actually acheived on their own in the past five years?