links for 2005-06-25

Ah fair use, where would we be without you?

Jason Kottke was just on G4’s Attack of the Show, and thanks to my hacked TiVo, it’s available as a 85Mb MPEG2 torrent.

Jason did great for live TV, which is just about the most stressful thing in the world. He seemed relaxed, though the host seemed a little manic. I assume a producer was screaming in the host’s ear to keep Jason moving, which caused the host to cut Jason off whenever he started sounding reflective. My favorite parts were the host violating the Adsense terms of service by goading people into clicking his ad links and the graphic “Blogging for Bling” in the background (because clearly, Jason’s only in it for the benjamins).

New interview

Rebecca Blood started a new feature on her site, setting out to interview bloggers about how they got started, why they do what they do, and what others can learn from that. I was lucky enough to be the first one, and she’s posted part one of our interview (part two will be posted Friday).

If you also blog, you’ll probably find something useful in it. It was good to talk to Rebecca and get into some hearty questions (mostly in part 2). I’m used to doing interviews with reporters writing for a general audience so it was refreshing to get really specific weblog-oriented questions directed at me.

links for 2005-06-22

Done with snopes

Every so often I end up at to hear about some crazy email forward or urban legend. It’s ok content you can often find elsewhere but they’re the central place for much of it so it’s easy to find them. In the past few months however, I noticed they added an obnoxious popup ad (fired in Flash I would presume, which I don’t block) on top of all their articles. Today I noticed after following a link there that my back button no longer worked, redirecting me to the snopes page I was already on.

That’s pretty awful thing to do to users — forcing them to look at annoying flashing ads that jump out when their browser is set to avoid them and then not to let them leave.