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Oh mY! god

My favorite weblog update service in the world,, was down for a few hours today and I was lost. I could read some of the blogs I track via bloglines, but without all the personality of their site designs (not to mention all their sites’ features).

It came back after being down for a few hours, and I instantly noticed something new: the favicon was Yahoo’s Y!. That’s odd I thought, until I saw the copyright notice along the side: “Copyright © 2005 Yahoo! Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

Jim was vague about who was going to buy it, but congrats! I’m happy to see it falling in good hands.

  1. I was wondering why wasn’t working. I had to go check out a few in kinja. At first I didn’t see the yahoo! stuff, so I refreshed and there it was!
    Yahoo! seems like a good owner, I wonder what they might be working on if they wanted this…

  2. Here Here! My congrats extended (if he happens to be reading). Yahoo is buying up everything.

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