1. Why should I get the free account? I could a come up with something crazy creative. Or I could make an empty threat against an innocent animal as has been done countless times for self promotion. I think I’ll just come clean and ask you if I could have it and explain why.
    When I first read about flickr on your site, I immediatly gave it a try. Like everyone else, I fell in love with it. It works great, the community aspect is awesome, and its easy to look at your friend’s pictures.
    Here is the problem… I HAVE NO FRIENDS ON FLICKR. Its hard to convince my friends and family to buck up for it. The 20 mb limit isn’t large enough to get them hooked enough to pay for it. Most of my family is partially computer illiterate so I have to force technology upon them. I already have my flick account and try t make the most of it. But I do wish I could get an additional account for a friend or family member so I can have another regular source of photos to look at.
    So this isn’t actually for myself. Cause I’m a giving person, and would love to give it away to someone I know that can use it.

  2. Hi there… What timing! I’ve just decided to move my photos over to flickr, and I’d love to have a pro account to do it with. My hosting bandwidth is filling up, and I’m sick of having to create a new .html page every time I want to add a new album (and I don’t have the expertise to more intelligently code the site to do it differently). I think this tagging thing is the way of the future. I’ve got photos of my travels, my home (beautiful SF), my work, etc that I can’t wait to share with the world. Plus, I have a big funny-looking afro that will appear in a couple of the pictures. Thanks, jordan

  3. Hi. My wife and I are trying to become professional wedding photographers. We’re seriously bootstrapping this business, trying to use as many free services as we can to begin. Our advertising is on Craigslist, http://detroit.craigslist.org/crs/68165641.html. We’ve started a blog to detail our efforts, successes and failures, http://jandsphotos.blogspot.com. Having a 2 GB upload limit would help considerably in setting up a portfolio of our previous wedding and art photography work on Flickr.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Hi.
    Why i want one Pro account? DonĀ“t know, but you want to give me that account, because you need to give me it. You dream that you gave me that account, you can’t sleep because you want to give me that account. Your friends say you: “Give that account to superporcel, he’s a nice guy”. Your neighbors say you: “Give that account to superporcel, he’s a nice guy”. Everyone say you: “Give that account to superporcel, he’s a nice guy”. And because it’s to difficult to me, to write this because i’m spanish, and very little english.
    Bye, bye, Mr Mathowie

  5. One day many moons ago, people roamed the southwest dreaming of ways in which they might be able to share information on who they were, their tribal affiliations and their goals in a way both unique and purposeful. Heiroglyphics were the result. Viewing a now historical location such as newspaper rock or many of the ruins that proliferate the desert southwest, one can see images etched into the rock. Placed in under cliffs, away from weather and elements, meant to be long lasting and meaningful, these images represent people groups, heards of animals the tribes were following, even images of their long-off dwellings and rudimentary maps on how to get to their homes. Places like Chaco canyon have heiroglyphs showing elaborate rituals and solar/star moevments on which crop planting and harvesting were based.
    I think of Flickr as something very akin to these heiroglyphs of ancient days set in modern internet technology. I love my flickr account. I use it to show people (lawyers!) far off what my home looked like after it was flooded, I used it to show family my new born son and have even succumbed to using googlemaps to direct people to my home using flickr. To me, flickr will be a long lasting archive of who I am, what I was hunting and where I lived. I long for a “pro” account to allow me a more diverse and dynamic archive to share with those I care about and strangers passing by. With places like the internet archive alive and well, there is a chance, that much like those heiroglyphs of my much beloved region, my flickr will be seen long after I am gone.
    email to:

  6. I think I deserve this account as much as anyone else, but I’d like to point out that those ungrateful punks above have not once said “please”.

  7. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to start a new photo weblog. One where I would document my day, every single day.
    But my camera was horrible, and it was too large, and I couldn’t take it anywhere.
    Last week, I just purchased my new camera to replace my old one, a Canon SD500. Of course, with insurance on the house coming up, as well as property taxes, it depleted just about all of my cash reserve. As a result, I’ll be waiting to start my new weblog.
    I want to base it off of Flickr, and then post the blog entries from there. But until I have the extra cash to grab a pro account, I’ll be uploading 640×480 pictures and hoping I don’t run out of bandwidth.
    The original starting date for the full project was going to be May 1, since it seemed like a good day to start. My goal is to post 15-20 minimum pictures a day to Flickr, and comment on at least 5 of them in the blog.
    But in order to post so many pictures up, I’ll need to get my bandwidth boosted seriously bad.
    So please, mathowie, pimp my flickr.

  8. Perhaps
    the photos should be the judge? If you like them and wouldn’t mind seeing more, a Pro account would be a good motivator :).
    Thanks and Peace.

  9. endless focusing
    flash flickr intimate fun
    discover gaze click
    a haiku by me on why I’d like the Flickr account.

  10. I am a poor father of 5 children. I just sent off my two oldest daughters to their prom. The pictures are beautiful! But that is because my daughters are beautiful. We have many pictures now that we have digital, we don’t have to pay gazillions to print. Soon I will have a website to show some. But the flickr sounds even better. I heard Nicole Simon rave about it on her podcast, so I just feel I gotta get it to.
    Please consider me for the free licence.
    Thanks for considering me, even if you choose someone else.

  11. I am unbelievably wealthy, almost creative, and I use all media to express one message: I am good and you are not.
    The other comments are laughable.
    You will give the account to me.

  12. I want it so I can ostentatiously and shamelessly flaunt it over those who didn’t win.
    I’ll give you 2 bucks for it.

  13. I would be grateful for this account, which I would use in conjunction with a new blog I am planning on young people (under 18) and social change, volunteerism, and philathropy. My last venture was before the election–see my URL. Thanks for your consideration.

  14. Matt, please consider giving the Flickr pro account to our nonprofit organization, Free the Slaves, so that we can use the account to document our work helping the victims of modern slavery escape their slaveholders and gain the rehabilitation they need to lead independent, sustainably free lives.
    Right now our work takes us to northern India, where often entire villages are enslaved to pound stones into gravel and where young boys are taken as slaves to weave rugs and tapestries. We are also beginning work with slaves in the Lake Volta area of Ghana, children in Haiti, and soon modern slaves in Sudan. We have also investigated slavery in the United States, and our research indicates that some 10,000 are actual, real slaves right here in the US.
    If you give us your extra Flickr Pro account, our partners and our organization will use it to take pictures of the heartbreaking condition of the many slaves around the world and of the fantastic transformation of their lives when they are given the support they need.
    (Down the line a bit, we hope to couple Flickr’s easy uploading process with Todd Dominey’s slideshow application for instant upload to our site, but perhaps that’s a little geeky for this request…)
    For more information about our non-partisan and non-religiously-affiliated nonprofit organization, please find us at http://freetheslaves.net/
    Jacob Patton
    Director of Outreach and Technology
    Free the Slaves

  15. One year of Flickr Pro: Why me? You should give it to me because, although I am only just beginning both of photography and at Flickr, I am a dedicated learner and newly converted digital.vangelist. I started my own Flickr account just four months ago and have since then introduced the service to no less than a dozen other people who now have active accounts of their own with Flick. This alone would carry less weight if it weren’t for the stronger appeal I offer here: I am a second-year graduate student in theory and rhetoric/comp teaching freshman composition at Purdue University. Flickr is already a meaningful part of introductory composition course, and I suspect the Pro account would offer even more ways to involve my students in their own discovery of the digital social network and tools now availale for its exploration. The bottom line is that Flickr Pro could make me a better teacher, and better teachers are good for everybody! Convincing? Of course it is.
    All this being said, however, I add my own vote for a winner that, for my read, is most deserving: I vote for the “Free the Slaves” non-profit organization. My claim very likely sits second to his. Either way and in any case, it was fun writing to you here. I am a new reader, and I have added your blog to my list of “dessert reads” from my blogroll. Good atcha!!

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