iChat as phone

Here’s something I hadn’t thought of: using a bluetooth headset with iChat. I already use iChat a great deal for communicating remotely with coworkers, but I usually wear big stereo headphones and use the iSight as the mic. Instead I could be wirelessly talking and listening using something like this.

I always knew iChat coupled with an iSight was a killer combo and I greatly prefer it over regular conference calls, but with a bluetooth headset it becomes even more useful for one-on-one conversations between other people with the same setup. Heck, if everyone you knew had a powerbook, iSight, and a bluetooth headset, this would kick ass all over Voice Over IP systems.

Electronic delivery ain’t no record store

I bought a song and later an album off of the iTunes Music Store today and two problems came to mind:

1) I bought a single song while I was doing a zillion other things (other downloads, IM, ssh sessions on multiple servers, email checks) and there’s a two second bad chunk in the middle of the song that’s kind of like a CD skip but with more feedback. Maybe it was due to all the other network traffic, where do I exchange the downloaded song for a complete file? Can’t iTunes check the download against a hash and redownload it if there’s a mismatch?

2) I bought a “greatest hits” album from the same group and realized the single download I bought five minutes before is on it. How can I return my single song purchase? Could the iTMS given me a discount before I bought the same song twice?

Does CBS think we’re that stupid?

I’d like to someday live in a country where a quick nipple shown on TV isn’t the end of civilization, and that’s not what irks me about the halftime show tonight. What does get me about the Superbowl halftime show is CBS insisting it was an accident, calling it a “wardrobe malfunction.”

It’s funny, when you collect the evidence, I wonder if CBS really thinks the public is stupid enough to believe it:

1. It was planned from the start.
2. There are snaps on her outfit clearly visible, designed to be unsnapped. Most garments are sewn together sans snaps and don’t fall apart.
3. She’s wearing a “nipple shield” to partially cover her breast. If it was unplanned why on earth would she have this huge chunk of metal there? Was it to skirt some FCC rule against an entirely naked breast?
4. Worst of all: She has a single coming out which is coincidentally being rushed to the airwaves based on the “overwhelming worldwide demand.” Check the timestamp on the bogus press release, it was posted before the game was even over.

Is it all a big coincidence or is this how controversy is manufactured to sell records these days?