Yosemite recap and quick iPhoto2 and iMovie3 review

A recap of last week in Yosemite with photos, a movie, trip tips, and more.

I used early copies of iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3 to manage the photos on the trip and crunch the video. The new iPhoto is a lot speedier and more stable than the old one, though it offers no export features beyond .mac stuff (I couldn’t find an export button anymore, time to write some applescripts I guess). iMovie 3 imports quicktime movies into its native DV format, which saved me the $30 I was going to pay for quicktime pro just to get this capability. The video splicing, effects, and transitions were easy to use, though the text stuff was a little quirky. Adding music tracks was a snap, by just dragging them in from an iTunes panel, though I couldn’t seem to cut more than one audio track in the iMovie editor.

Solid laughter

Something I didn’t think I’d enjoy nearly as much as I did: saw Undercover Brother and laughed until I cried. I wasn’t expecting much more than a bad SNL-type movie but the over-the-top jokes that toyed with racial stereotypes actually came off right. I guess they blew the marketing on that movie when it came out, as I had no idea it could be enjoyable.

LJ lives large with the bling bling

According to their stats, Live Journal right now has over 43,000 paid accounts, each member paying anywhere from $2 to $2.50 a month, which is about $90,000 a month, or around $3,000 a day. $3k a day is almost $1.1 million annually.

And who said there’s no money in weblogging or online media ventures?

Cynicism or realism?

I’m surprised but impressed by the amount being written online about the Eldred decision. I can’t help but wonder though, while it’s saturating the world of blogs, is it on the radar of the average american? Perhaps this issue is one of the tests to see just how much real-world influence blogs have.

The mouse shall not be free

Aw, fuck. Copyrights lasting more than 150 years (author’s life +70 or 90 years) are deemed constitutional, meaning in 15 or so years Disney will be asking for another extension and will be certain to get it.

“Limited time”, my ass.