Have you seen Sun’s homepage

Have you seen Sun’s homepage lately? It’s as if they took a chapter from the book of simple, it’s extremely easy to see what is offered and get to where you want to go. The front page is amazingly clean and simple for such a large computer company’s home page. I would be interested to know if Sun could produce any metrics to measure the new design’s effectiveness against previous iterations. My guess is that the new site is measurably easier to use for visitors across the board.

It’s a shame that Microsoft’s

It’s a shame that Microsoft’s web server, IIS, can’t do “cool URIs” but apache does them right, out of the box. I hate file extensions as much as the next guy, they’re prone to change/loss/movement. I’m not sure MS can devise some sort of hack to fix that, but maybe there’s a ISAPI plugin that can.

Hey, a NYT article came

Hey, a NYT article came out today with a couple quotes from me in it.

I’m still hopefull and optimistic that something is going to be developed that will help people find, categorize, and scan many weblogs at once. It’s the impossible problem of blogging as it stands now.

I guess there really is

I guess there really is a magazine for everything.

I was at a book store tonight (to see James Gleick talk about his book, which at one point he uttered the word “blog” so casually he didn’t even bother to define it), and while waiting around perused the magazine rack. On it, was something called “dub.” A quick thumbing through revealed ads, stories, and photo spreads aimed at a very narrow demographic. It appeared to solely cover the topics of huge chrome rims, bling bling jewelery, skanky women, and customized SUVs with huge stereos. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am absolutely astounded at

I am absolutely astounded at the comments made by the head of NewsCorp (FOX broadcasting).

There’s one obvious joke, that the head of Fox of all places is trying to tell us about morals. The guy that brought the world shows such as “Worlds Worst Temptation Island Car Crashes When Animals Attack Celebrity Boxing 8” is trying to tell us the internet is sending the world to hell in a handbasket? And just what has his company been peddling for the last ten years?

But what I find most reprehensible is the statement that broadband connectivity is largely used for pornography and pirating software. His “den of thieves” ideas sound more at home being projected from the pulpit of a luddite preacher. I’ve heard that Hollywood is waging a war of words against technology, but I have a hard time believing anyone would pay mind to this rhetoric that’s been turned up to 11, so to speak.

How could he possibly discount the 99.99% (based merely on my assumptions that most people are law-abiding citizens) of people with broadband access that simply use it for the sake of convenience? There are millions of people that wanted their email faster, that didn’t want to tie up a phone line, that wanted to telecommute and required their fast connection. An analogous statement would be claiming that all cell phones are used by drug dealers and terrorists, and that there should be laws to limit cell phone use from everyone.

Scarier than the content of these ridiculous statements, I wonder just how many people actually agree with the guy, or think he’s speaking the truth (aside from other heads of broadcasting).

I’ve seen Larry Lessig speak

I’ve seen Larry Lessig speak a few times this year, and I’ve always thought he did a great job being a preacher man. The guy could convert me to anything, due to his passionate delivery and tight arguments. His last speech was a good one, it summed up everything he’s been working for, but it was a bit stand-offish. I was ok with him taking that tact, because what he’s arguing for is so vital and we (as geeks) have historically done little about it.

I never thought someone could upstage Larry’s delivery or speaking style, and I have the utmost respect for his work, but this critique absolutely nails it. I have to say the rewrite is fantastic, and could have made something great even better.

Subject: CNN Breaking News

Subject: CNN Breaking News

White House considering attack on suspected al Qaeda chemical and biological weapons test facility in Iraq, U.S. officials tell CNN. Details soon.

Going to CNN, there’s an onslaught of al Qaeda-related stores all relating to old tapes, which includes a tape of a supposed chemical weapon test on dogs.

Now, I haven’t watched any of these tapes, but one has to wonder if Bush can’t convince his peers it’s a good idea to invade Iraq, are a few videos that tug at the heart strings going to do it? I mean, c’mon, the dog video seems as big of a ploy for support of invasion as anything I’ve seen. I mean who doesn’t love dogs, and how could anyone that kills them be anything less than pure evil? Right? Does that seem contrived or what?