The first ten minutes of

The first ten minutes of Iron Chef USA were epic. Shatner doing an over-the-top Chairman Kaga impression, wacky catch phrases (turn up the heat!), and an assortment of goofy iron chefs. But it was downhill from there, very downhill. I’m glad to hear others agree.

When a movie or a show is a cult hit and has a certain weird draw, let it be. Don’t by any means try to copy it, removing all the weird little bits of context that make it great. All the great parts of the original Iron Chef that were changed, changed for the worse. Putting microphones on the chefs? bad idea. Putting someone down on the kitchen floor that doesn’t seem to know what is going on? bad idea. Putting nothing but celebrities on the judgement panel? bad idea. Having commentators that know nothing about food and were probably a couple of football announcer dropouts? bad idea. Putting fake applause claptracks in the background and peppering the audience with fake signage as if they were really into something that was just debuted? really bad idea.

The original Iron Chef is about food first and competition takes a back seat, but the american version is one big stupid showoff affair that came off as nothing but horribly fake and contrived.

This daily pic site

This daily pic site has been my favorite daily read for the past couple weeks. It’s brain-dead simple in format and layout. A single image is shown each day, showing something random, but interesting in one guy’s life. There are occasional captions to explain images or give context, but the images are what keeps me coming back. Quick digital camera pics of someone’s journey through life, and usually it’s the funniest goddammed thing I see all day.

This one is probably my favorite from the recent ones (it’s a recent SNL reference and the picture is perfect).

I just saw Mulholland Drive.

I just saw Mulholland Drive. Or I didn’t, I’m not sure.

If I see a thousand more movies and think of the past thousand I’ve seen, this is the only one I can accurately say left me disheveled. It probably didn’t help that after leaving the movie, I was in a sort of bizarro world for about a half hour.

First, while waiting for Kottke to return from the restroom after the film, I looked up and saw an old man walking out and towards me, but just as he got to me, it was Jason. As we walked through downtown San Francisco, we heard classical music blaring from the streets. When we got to the Muni trains, the outbound was only leaving from the opposite, inbound side, and it was full of an odd assortment of characters. After the train, I stopped at the pet store to get cat food, and while I was in line to pay for it, the store felt as if it began moving like a muni train. I had to grab onto a doggie toy display to keep my balance. Then I almost got lost walking home the same way I’ve walked hundreds of times before.

So, uh, I guess it was a good movie, though I don’t have the faintest idea what it was about.

In Jason’s praisings of the

In Jason’s praisings of the google-weblog connection, he neglected to mention a downside. Tonight I was looking for the prime number shitting bear site, because I wanted to share with someone that would find it as funny as I did. However, when you search for the phrase, the first nine results are weblogs pointing to it, and the actual site is tenth on the list (as of midnight Monday morning).

Now, to an end user, they’ll still find it if the webloggers in position 1-9 linked to the site, but it requires an extra step for them to reach it. It also makes me wonder that if Google indexes things by link, why isn’t the real site number one? Were that many people pointing at someone else’s post about the site? Is Google following “(via some weblog)” links and indexing those as more pertinent than the original source?

I fear for the health

I fear for the health of Tivo, the company. They sold out some prime real estate, sending me a Lexus commercial, adding a top level menu option for Lexus (with a star, as if that was necessary) and tossing a Lexus message in my Tivo inbox. It smells like desperation on Tivo’s part.

I saw everything you see in the screenshots linked, hopefully there is a way to disable it.

I received an email written

I received an email written in Italian, sent to info@metafilter for some unknown reason. Here’s the babelfish translation, it’s kind of nice:

Deanna beloved, already yesterday evening I had sended a message to you, but it is returned to me behind. Many embrace, Deanna, and thanks for this beautifulst news. I hope well that you are and and that it is resuming to you completely. As far as the anxieties, creed just that they are normal, I ne had to iosa!! About me I will speak to you in an other moment, why I do not have still meaningful news approximately my situation, that I can dirti be truly difficult. The moral is to earth. Tant’ is. Fammi to still know of you and your child. A river basin to Mark and a salute to Pedro, neobabbo, that I imagine will be veremente happy. Still I embrace. Rosalba

I’ve got to remember to use “a river basin to you” as term of endearment more often.

A server-side bookmark manager called

A server-side bookmark manager called b. is a great app for managing bookmarks in one space. It’s a sort of do-it-yourself Deepleap, and works wonderfully on my unix server. Now I wish I only knew some perl so I could customize it.