A lot of weblogs, including

A lot of weblogs, including MetaFilter were mentioned in this LA Times article, again about 9/11 and the impact of blogs.

I talked to the reporter for almost an hour, refuting her main purpose for writing the article, which was the theme “weblogs changed forever on that day and became legitimized.” She insisted that weblogs were now serious avenues of news and views and that post-9/11, every weblog author would take on a more serious tone. Gone were the days of 14-year olds posting AIM chat logs to blogspot, now we’re serious journalists!

To top it off, the quote she attributed to me that’s in the story was taken totally out of context. If I remember correctly she asked “how were people behaving on metafilter that day” and I said “they were fairly civil and intelligent.” Instead she chose to use it in reference to all weblogs, to support her view that I didn’t share.

I hate it when reporters do that.

After three or four days

After three or four days of beautifully clear sunny skies and warm temps, I think it’s safe to say that summer has finally hit San Francisco. Too bad it’s a few months late, and will probably be gone soon.

Time keeps on slippin’…

Time keeps on slippin’…

So my 29th birthday has come and gone. I feel incredibly old because the number seems so high to me. I remember being a child and hearing my elementary school teachers say they were 29, or 34, or 42. They were adults. They knew everything and were in complete control.

Now I’m one of them, at least in age.

If I were to ever

If I were to ever one day publish my own dictionary, under the term “fucking great meal” I’d simply have a picture of our plates from the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone Restaurant.

Today was our first wedding anniversary, and also Kay’s birthday. We were kicking around Napa (with pb and shawnde) when we stumbled upon the CIA’s campus, and I remember hearing their food was great and their prices were relatively cheap. I’m glad we decided to stop and have that late lunch/early dinner. It was simply fantastic. Every course was amazing. Best mussels anyone had ever tasted. Absolutely perfect risotto. Incredible seared ahi, with a flawless, rare texture inside. Scallops that melt in your mouth. Desserts to die for. The food was as close to perfect as I had ever tasted, and the rest of the experience was great too. The presentation and plating was top-notch, the open kitchen with working students was spotless and smelled great, and the interior design was wonderful from tiles to chairs to colors to eating spaces inside and out.

Everyone at the table agreed, it was the best meal we’d ever had in the Bay Area, and it was less than $50 a person, including wine.

Movable Type comes out on

Movable Type comes out on Monday, and if you’ve got some webspace on a *nix box with perl, you definitely should check it out. It seems a good deal ahead of other weblog software out there, there are lots of features, tons of user control, and the most elegant interface available.

I’m really amazed at what a great job Mena and Ben have done.

Apparently the spot I did

Apparently the spot I did a few months back on the show CNNdotcom is now appearing in recycled in-flight CNN TV.

That’s like the absolute basement of “show business.”