When I used to work

When I used to work at UCLA, I somehow ended up exchanging email with Phil Agre, across the campus. He seemed like a fascinating person, and asked me if I would be interested in participating in a new Information Studies class he was experimenting with the next teaching quarter. Something about ethics in the new information age. Unfortunately, I left that job for greener pastures before the quarter began, but I still wonder what it’s like to take a class from the guy. His Red Rock Eater newsletters are amazing. How he finds the time to glean and share the wealth of info from the web, write fantasticly long and detailed essays, and be a professor at the same time, I’ll never know.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe if you haven’t already. And check out his latest essay about the New War.

Thanks to some help from

Thanks to some help from pb, I’m slowly getting all my books into a webapp. Here’s the output of what I’m currently reading, what I’ve recently read, and a fraction of my book collection. This should continue growing, as soon as I can remember to stop into a RadioShack and ask for a free CueCat.

This is depressing news. So

This is depressing news. So is this, and this. This one boggles the mind as well, since it happened in my open-minded fair city.

This past week has taught me humanity will always have its ugly side, a yin to goodness’ yang. It makes me think waging a “war against evil” will never have a victory either.