There are many, many things

There are many, many things that I’ve been meaning to post, but I’ve been enjoying the sunny days too much. You know how people always walk outside from work and say “why are we working inside today? we should be out enjoying the day!” Well, now I am.

In case you were wondering, yes this is the goofiest picture of myself that’s ever been printed. I still like the t-shirt though.

I’ve always been a margin

I’ve always been a margin scribbler, but it was usually to point out spelling errors, errors in grammar, or style I found in the body text. The funny thing is, I still don’t know what the point is in doing this. How would the author ever know? Why do I always do this, when back in college I typically struggled to get B’s and C’s in english and literature classes? I suppose I did it to remind myself of What Not To Do.

A year or two ago, I got an advanced copy of a book, noted many errors, and had a good exchange with the author over email about the errors I found. Earlier this month, a friend let me know about a technical editor gig he didn’t have time for, and I convinced them to let me do it. The pay isn’t great, but it’ll be a fun few weeks of part-time work.

All this is just a long way of saying I just turned in my first chapter, and I enjoyed the process. Tech editing is actually pretty fun, and a lot easier than writing.

Last joblessness related tidbit today,

Last joblessness related tidbit today, I swear. You know it’s time to get out and really start cracking on finding work when you hear yourself saying something like the following:

“I think I’m going to watch the Directors commentary on the Charlie’s Angels DVD”

without any hint of irony. I officially have too much time on my hands.

I spent about 16 hours

I spent about 16 hours driving in the past few days and I got into that road groove. With a stack of new CDs and plenty of gas and food, time started slipping away, I’d blink and fifty miles would go by. And that’s when I pictured it all, clear as day.

The MetaFilter summer tour.

I’ve barely seen much of the world beyond the western US states and I’d love to just jump in my car and start driving. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, the Midwest, Great Lakes area, the Rust Belt, New York, New England, back down the Eastern seaboard, across the South and through the Southwest. I’d drive from one state to the next, announcing my plans in advance and lining up new people to meet with each day. It’d be a grand couch-tour of the country, going from one MeFi member to another’s hometown, selling MetaFilter t-shirts for gas money, giving standing-room-only talks at universities along the way. I’d show up a little late to talks, hear the site’s name being chanted from outside the building, and I’d do the best damn Q-and-A afterwards you’ve ever heard. There’d be a MetaFilter face to face gathering each night at the neighborhood tavern. It’d bridge the gap from the online world to the real world, solidifying the userbase, and showing everyone what a community could be. Bigger than you, bigger than me, as big as all of us put together. I could pop over to Europe for some dinners in London, Amsterdam, and Rome with dozens of MeFi users and friends, and repeat the US tour’s success. I could almost hear it now “Meee, Fiiiiii, Meeeee, Fiiiii….”

dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub

The noise from driving on the reflectors brought me back to reality. Couch tour? Packed audience? And then the zip code map popped into my head, barely enough people to attract more than a few in most major cities.

Who knows? Maybe in a few years it’ll be possible…

I dialed New York, and

I dialed New York, and spoke with the producer. She was working all weekend to try and get the story out quickly. A call on the other line came in and I had to hold on for a second, and during that time the following thought sprang to mind.

Karmicly speaking, it’s quite alright to use a girl’s death to boost your personal fame and fortune ever forward.

As long as she’s fake.