I updated my copy of

I updated my copy of winamp tonight, and I noticed an ad for their new visualization plug-ins. I rarely run them, as they’re usually just eyecandy that wastes cycles, but sometimes they’re cool to look at. So I checked out the most popular list, and at the top of the heap of techno graphing applets and wave generators are rendered dancing women. And they’re not just popular, they’re runaway hits. Over two million downloads in just a couple months.

I installed one of them, and it’s basically an unrealisticly (if not impossibly) proportioned “juggy” dancer bouncing all over your screen, not even in beat to the music (like I suppose that mattered).

I’d like to think that women today have a better chance of making a mark on this world than they ever have, and that the only reason these are so popular is that winamp’s primary audience are adolescent boys.

I certainly hope that’s the case.

TiVo links worth sharing and

TiVo links worth sharing and bookmarking:

1. how to hack in a 30 second commerical skip
2. The new TiVo software is finally shipping
3. How to get the new 2.0 software in your TiVo asap
4. How to tape movies off your TiVo without having macrovision protection problems

I just did the 30 second hack and it works beautifully (I never used that “jump until the end” button anyway). My Replay-owning friends can stop gloating about their famed commercial skip button, because now I have the same thing too.

Today I thought maybe it

Today I thought maybe it was time to finally live in the future, by downloading and using jabber instead of AIM, ICQ, and all the others. I downloaded the “official” jabber client from jabber’s list, installed it, created a new user on their site, and then ran the app. I got this screen.

And I’m never running this client again.

The entry for “jabber server” is empty, and there’s no link to look up a list of current servers. If you go to jabber.com or jabber.org, there’s nothing about a current server list. Even in their FAQ’s, I can’t find it.

update: after ten more minutes of rage-inducing searches of their site, I finally found an offsite link to jabberview, and it turns out jabber.com and jabber.org are currently running servers. Why in the name of jebus weren’t they listed as defaults in the app? If the whole system is XML based, why can’t new clients fetch and parse an XML list of online servers from jabberview, presenting me with a dropdown instead of a blank space? Why is this crappy user experience any better than what people have to deal with when using ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or MSN’s messengers?

another update: I enter “jabber.com” into the server space, and I get back the cryptic error message “Supply Complete Configuration.” Adding port numbers to the domain entry results in the same, meaningless message. There is no help nor an example server entry, just cryptic errors.

So long jabber. Looks like there’s still a significant amount of work left to do on the client.

In college, there was a

In college, there was a guy everyone affectionately called “The Capeman.” He walked the streets and the campus (I’m pretty sure he was a student), and was always wearing a long, black cape. You might see him on a Sunday morning, coming out of a coffee place, in midday when it was over a 100 in the summer, and he’d be wearing that cape.

When you see someone wearing a cape, you have to wonder how did they decide that a jacket or overcoat was just too confining? Does a scarf or shawl not have enough “punch” they need for dramatic entrances? Where do you even buy capes? Do they rate the amount of flow each cape may contain?

Every weekend, I grab the

Every weekend, I grab the remote, fire up the TV and watch my favorite TiVoed shows of the past week. I skim through most shows I missed, but lately there’s one show I’m dying to see new episodes from.

This Old House.

I know, it sounds stupid, but when you can automatically tape an entire season, you can get into the story. The current season is covering an apartment building restoration on Bunker Hill, in Boston. I’ve followed the owners’ (a young couple) trials and tribulations with city permitting, project budgeting, and scheduling work crews for the past two or three months. Each week there is some source of suspense, as deadlines change or the weather rears its ugly head, and each week the crew seems to barely squeak by under budget and within their due dates. There are only one or two episodes left, and I can’t wait to see how the place turns out.

I’m emotionally invested in a home improvement show. There is drama, intrigue, and suspense, and I prefer it over any show written by teams of gifted writers. I am neither a home owner, nor a home improvement type of person, yet I love This Old House. Silly but true.

My cat can get some

My cat can get some crazy height when he jumps. If you look closely you can see he’s jumping for a small piece of yellow paper (his favorite cat toy on earth is wadded up pieces of paper), and his lower legs are probably a good 2 feet above the ground.

After sleeping, eating, and beating up his little sister, his next favorite thing to do is launch for paper.

I’d heard that Mike from

I’d heard that Mike from American Movie was at SXSW, but I didn’t think it was true. Aaron found him though.

On the American Movie DVD, there are some extras, and one cut scene has the greatest Mike moment. He talks about ACDC, and how he sometimes wishes he was in the band. If you haven’t seen the movie, you really should. It’s both sad and inspiring, and often times, funny as hell.