I’m still in utter disbelief

I’m still in utter disbelief that anyone would trust a guy to run the country that says stuff like this. Just unbelievable. Maybe I’m crazy to think that people in power should be intelligent enough to conduct interviews and answer questions properly. I’d hate to see what one of these gaffes during a foreign policy meeting would do. Bush makes Quayle look like Einstein. (via backupbrain)

While digging around this server,

While digging around this server, I came across a few old Metababy hacks. For those of you that don’t know, Metababy was a site that let anyone edit by either emailing in HTML code, or later on, copy and pasting it into an edit box. Whatever was last added to Metababy, became the default page at metababy.com.

I made this joke Flash page (way before bashing flash was cool :) on November 17, 1998, when Metababy first launched. A day later, I created this rant about annoying people at the movies (laser pointers were all the rage back in 1998). I have no idea why I created this one of Lance‘s head (November 20, 1998), but it was based on the old, old, old glassdog splash page. Here’s another one from November 1998. When Metababy version 2 launched, it included an “Edit” button instead of the old email-in way of doing things, which reminded me of a certain application, and that prompted this one (I went a bit far on the Dave imitation). I can’t wait to see what version 3 of Metababy looks like.

Spammers are the most generous

Spammers are the most generous people in the world. They’ve found many new and innovative ways to become filthy rich with very little work, but they don’t keep it to themselves. No, rather than become billionaire tycoons, they open their hearts to the unwashed masses and offer their amazing fast track to financial independence.

I don’t think I could be so noble. If I could work at home 4 hours a week and make $100,000 a month, I doubt I’d tell anyone. Heck, I’d keep it up for months on end, until I’d never have to work again. And still, still I probably wouldn’t reveal my secrets to anyone.

But not spammers. These wonderful souls (for a nominal fee, of course) let you in on how to make your life great. I hope a spammer one day goes up for sainthood, because man, they deserve it.

This post is a

This post is a test, only a test. If it were a real post, it’d have something of interest worth reading. If you’re viewing this in IE 5.5, it may look a little different, but again, it’s merely a test. Blame these guys and tremendo.

While checking out a bulletin

While checking out a bulletin board site today, I noticed they were using SpellChecker.net for dictionary, grammar, and thesaurus functions within posts. I hadn’t seen the spellchecker.net site or service in months and was very impressed. After about 20 minutes of downloading and tinkering, I got it running at MetaFilter, and I can’t believe how useful and slick it is.

Every time I grab some

Every time I grab some change for something, I have to do a double-take. Is that a Canadian dollar? Is that some sort of South American coinage? Did someone fool me into taking European money at lunch?

No, it’s just those new quarters.

The good old eagle is replaced by horses, mountains, and trees, and somehow I think it’s just diluting the “brand” that the quarter posses. It never changes, it’s never supposed to change. It used to be that getting change was predictable, but now I have a pocket full of chaos.

Stop the madness, US Mint. I’m hereby boycotting entropy, and hoping they bring back the old quarters.

Ever since Mystery Science Theater

Ever since Mystery Science Theater 3000 started playing on the Sci-Fi network on Saturday mornings (ack! from 6am-8am), I’ve never caught the show. I haven’t seen it since it was taken off Comedy Central ages ago, actually. But today I got to finally see it again, thanks to my new TiVo.

I noticed that in the two days I’ve had TiVo running, I’ve watched more TV than I normally watch in a month. But it was good stuff (Simpsons, Northern Exposure, various extreme sports shows, mst3k), so it’s not too bad. I really hope the suggestions feature gets better though. Since I gave the simpsons three thumbs up, the unit records anything remotely resembling comedy. I have no idea why can’t it tell the difference between the smart humor of the simpsons, and the utter stupidity of Chevy Chase movies (Vegas Vacation?! No thanks, TiVo), and the three stooges (I’ve never watched the three stooges for more than 30 seconds), but I’m sure it takes time.