Last night, I went to

Last night, I went to another party at peterme‘s (Peter’s quite the party animal, eh? No, he’s just a great person for opening up his home to web folks), and I can finally say that I successfully used his bathroom without getting stuck.

It was a small victory, but worth mentioning. baby steps…

Dang! Tim Finn is playing

Dang! Tim Finn is playing bimbos tonight and I’m already busy with stuff to do this evening. I have a soft spot in my heart for Crowded House, I can’t explain why.

Actually I can. When I started college, I had this friend that was a superfan. He had all their stuff, their autographs, and set lists from their previous shows. A friend of his worked at Capitol Records, so when they came to LA, we got some tickets and backstage passes. It was fun to attend a concert with someone that had so much enthusiasm for the band. The show was great, Crowded House sounded good and they did a lot of funny, playful things with the audience. I also loved that show because the opening act was Richard Thompson, someone I’d never heard of at the time, but thoroughly enjoyed then and now. After the show, we got to go backstage and meet them, but Neil Finn was swarmed with people and I can’t remember what I said to him, but he enjoyed it and signed a poster my superfan friend forced me to bring.

I’ve been looking for an

I’ve been looking for an apartment in San Francisco since April, by casually checking out the Craigslist. On most days, there’s only 1 or 2 places that sound affordable and liveable, and I always thought if I did find something I’d like, it wouldn’t be that hard to get. But then I see messages like this, where the person posting a decent place is getting over a 100 information requests via email, I know my chances of getting something from that source are nil.

I’m not quite at this point, but I’m getting there…

Them: “Thank you for

Them: “Thank you for calling PacBell DSL customer service, how may I help you?”
Me: “I can’t send any mail out on the SMTP server. The only messages I can get out are on my pacbell account, and they have to be sent to a address. Everything else is spitting out errors.”
Them: “Hmm…I haven’t heard of that before. You can receive mail?”
Me: “Yeah, but the relay seems to be locked down, even though I’m on the PacBell network.”
Them: “When did this start?”
Me: “Saturday. I suddenly couldn’t send out mail, then on Sunday I could, but since Monday night I haven’t been able to.”

Them: [sudden change in voice] “Ok, sir…we are currently experiencing problems with our mail server and are working on it diligently.”
Me: “What? Do you have an approximate timeframe for when the problems may be solved?”
Them: “We don’t have a date sir, but we are working on it.”
Me: “Hmm. That’s odd, it doesn’t say anything on the network status page”
Them: “No sir, it does not. But we are working on it.”

Me: “Ok, so you’ve had this problem for days without telling anyone and you have no idea when it will be fixed.”
Them: “Correct sir, I’m very sorry about this.”
Me: “Ok, thanks for your help.”

PacBell is so helpful.

And it just keeps getting

And it just keeps getting worse…
Well apartment hunting isn’t going that well and it doesn’t look like I’ll have a new place by July 1st. I have to get my cats out of LA by June 30th, but I can’t have them where I’m at currently, so if anyone in the bay area knows of or can suggest a temporary place for them, could you let me know?

To get up to speed

To get up to speed on XSL, I bought this book, and subscribed to this list. After a couple weeks, I noticed a particularly sharp member was correctly answering almost every question, and until I looked down at my book last night, I had no idea it was the author.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest other authors do this, as I would never expect a computer book author to have enough time to devote to the development community, but when they do, it’s amazing. Michael Kay is my new hero.

The great thing about life

The great thing about life is that it is unexpected. The bad thing about life is how unexpected it is. Funny how that works.

The place I’ve been staying at for the last couple months, and planned to stay in for some time is most likely going to be up for sale soon. This means I have to bow down and pray to the Craigslist and RentTech gods for (*gasp*) an apartment in San Francisco.