What a week, what a

What a week, what a weekend. I’m about half done writing a wrap up of the past few day’s events, hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow and post it in the More section of the site. For now, enjoy photos from this weekend.

And a very special thanks to everyone that called, wrote email, or posted to my sites about the engagement – there’s far too much mail to respond to, but I did get everyone’s messages and I thank you for sending me good wishes. Actually, I can’t believe the sheer numbers of people that have contacted me, it’s really been amazing, I had forgotten that I knew so many warm and wonderful people. Thanks again.

Time: 4pm, Saturday Place:

Time: 4pm, Saturday
Place: at the top of Mt. Tamalpais, overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean
Who was there: Me and my girlfriend Kay
What was said:

Me: “Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you”
Kay: “Ok…”
M: “Keep them closed….just another second….ok open them”
K: <gasps>

M: “Will you marry me?”
K: “Yes! Yes! Of course, yes!”

Details to follow tomorrow, for now, check out today’s pic.

I’ve never heard of these

I’ve never heard of these guys until the other Pyrates mentioned them in Austin. And I hadn’t gave them a listen until I found their mp3s on our music drive. I can’t believe how good the band Gomez is. Check them out if you want to hear something that’s kind of mellow, but really good.

I got this email a

I got this email a few minutes ago and it’s worth passing on…

Hello, I feel this is important and I think it needs to be followed up on. I called Mattel company to complain about their practices, specifically the mattl vs. mattel dispute ((310) 252-2000) and they immediately transfered me to some person in customer service (after I refused their initial request to talk to their legal department) who informed me that to the best of their knowledge, they've received a grand total of ONE complaint over this issue.

Now, perhaps they were just playing games with me, but I actually believed her. If this is the case, then the above number needs to be published, and people need to be urged to call it to complain - make sure they ask for customer service, and not the legal department.

Steve Calabrese

So if you’re contacting Mattel to register your disgust at their business practices, be sure to contact customer service. I found this email form, and thought a lot of people used it, strange that Mattel is saying that they haven’t heard of this problem.

Ev, Rebecca, and Brad

Ev, Rebecca, and Brad are going to be on national public radio tomorrow, doing an hour long show on weblogs. This is cool and exciting, but I wonder how on earth anyone will be able to explain a weblog over a radio, with no hand waving or screenshots allowed. I’m sure the show’s host will have to relate them to things the audience would understand, but I wonder what they will choose. Will they say “they’re like journals and diaries, but about the people and things around them?”

I wonder what the call-in segment will be like too. I can’t wait to hear it.