In an effort to cram

In an effort to cram all the fun Southern California things into my last week here, I went snowboarding today.

It was a quintessential SoCal experience. We left 72 degree LA in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals, drove up to Mt. Baldy where it was maybe 60 degrees, and had a blast snowboarding on an empty mountain. Even though the snow was slushy and some of my favorite runs were closed, it was one of the funnest days I’ve had on the mountain.

I’m home-sweet-home in LA, but

I’m home-sweet-home in LA, but not for long. It looks like I’ll be in SF next week, and moving to the Silicon Valley a couple weeks after that. The Caltrain ride from San Carlos to Pyra looks to only be about 30-40 minutes long, so it shouldn’t be too bad of a commute. At some point in the summer, I’ll find an apartment in the city for my girlfriend Kay and our cats.

Pics and words from this weekend should be posted later tonight or tomorrow, and a special thanks to brig for showing me around Santa Cruz. I will forever be insanely jealous of her house and surrounding property.

I spent most of today

I spent most of today in Santa Cruz, and I can’t begin to tell you how different it is from the rest of the Bay Area, less than 80 miles away. It’s green, green, green down here, there’s so many trees you’d think you were in a National Park, there are huge sprawling fields and meadows covered in blooming wildflowers, and everyone is fairly mellow. It’s like the polar opposite of San Francisco startup life (not that I’m an expert in that already, but I have a good idea of what it’s like). I wish I spent my college years at UCSC, what was I thinking going to UC Riverside!?!

One sign that I love

One sign that I love my job is that I never watch the clock. My typical days at UCLA used to go like this: show up at 9-10am, read some mail and sites, do some work, blink, and it’s 7pm. But these last two weeks of me being a lame duck in my office are going sooooo slooooooow. I’ve got pretty much the same schedule, but it goes more like this: get in at 10, read email and a bunch of weblogs, talk to coworkers, fill out various forms, read more email, look up at the clock – 11:30am. damn. read more mail, read more stuff, do a little work, clean office out a bit more, look at clock. damn. 1pm. Repeat until 6pm. Time is suddenly at a standstill within my office, I swear the laws of physics no longer apply there.

Here’s something to ponder: you’re

Here’s something to ponder: you’re talking on a cell phone to someone, and the call’s not going well – not an arguement – but they’re clearly disappointed in something you’ve done, and while they’re letting you have it, the call gets dropped. Do you call them back right away once you get back in range? Or do you let someone that’s already unhappy remain that way? How do you resume a conversation like that, if you do decide to call back?

Sometimes cell phones create more problems than they solve.