I woke up early this

I woke up early this morning to find my computer completely dead. It seems the power supply fizzled out, but I won’t know until tomorrow. A side-effect of this is that I’m reading email and writing this on a laptop, connected by 28.8 modem, which is the first time in over two years since I’ve last used a dialup connection. If I was still confined to a modem line, I don’t think I could ever maintain a weblog, there’s just too much waiting.

Snowboarding today was an absolute

Snowboarding today was an absolute blast. It rained all night, so I was hoping for some fresh powder, and when I awoke at 5:15am, it was still raining. Unfortunately, it rained all the way up the mountain, including on the mountain at over 7,000 feet. We’d get 2 or 3 good turns in on the packed, slightly wet snow, then we’d have to stop and wipe the water from our googles so we could see again. It continued to be drizzly all day on the mountain, but the sheer enjoyment of sliding on some snow was more than enough to make up for the less-than-perfect conditions. It was too wet for my digital camera, but I did take a few shots going up and coming down, because the weather was nuts. At times it was snowy, rainy, sleety, foggy, and windy, usually 2 or 3 at time. It wasn’t too bad to drive in, my new truck is the first 4-wheel drive vehicle I’ve owned, and it felt safe and secure every step of the way.

I’m finally taking a day

I’m finally taking a day off and going snowboarding tomorrow. The forecast calls for some possible snow showers, but I have the extra gear for it, so it should be fun. I’ll probably take my digital camera, and if it’s not snowing out, I’ll take some shots.

From the ultimate in

From the ultimate in stupidity file: The student store next to my office has stopped selling books for 20 stamps for $6.60 and instead there’s now a vending machine that sells one 33 cent stamp at a time for 50 cents. Let’s look at that again, shall we? Fifty cents is 17 cents more than the actual face value, which is also just over half the cost of the stamp itself. Unbelievable…

This site is now officially

This site is now officially accessible from the haughey.org domain as well as haughey.com. I was playing with domainsurfer and noticed that although someone bought haughey.org last summer, they probably didn’t pay for it and it went back into the dns. It’s slightly troubling that someone in the bay area owns a whole bunch of domains, including matthaughey.com (it doesn’t go anywhere, but it’s kind of scary when someone else owns your name and can do anything they want with your “identity”). I suppose I could now sell the haughey.com domain to someone with a real company or something, and move over to the org. I wish I could look up domains by owner, because I’m actually having a hard time remembering all the domains in my possesion. I think I’m up to 7 or 8, but there’s only a couple that I really push, the rest are projects stuck in my head.

I just had a few

I just had a few thoughts about some weblog things. As SXSW draws near, I’m going to be trying to recognize a lot of new faces, or I’ll stare at everyone’s badge until I can put a name with a face. My prediction is that everyone going will be putting up images of themselves on their pages so people can find them in Austin (well, at least that’s my hope).

Another thought: with the beebo ratings and various weblog monitors, why hasn’t anyone done the ultimate in popularity contests and make a Weblogger Stock Exchange? I’d love to buy 100 shares of STRN, EVHD, or KTKE and watch as they shoot up 3 points on re-design day, or go down a point and a half when they don’t update.

I’m keeping track of all

I’m keeping track of all my missed photo opportunities here, hopefully this will force me into remembering to bring my digital camera with me every place I go. Tonight I went to my favorite Italian restaurant with Kay, her mom, and her mom’s friend. We had to wait for a table, and the table we got was the one that was occupied by four people, including The Pretender, Michael T. Weiss, and Camryn Manheim, who I love, even though I never watch The Practice (too busy for TV). Kay’s mom actually got to sit in the same seat as Mr. Pretender, and Kay got Camryn’s spot. Apparently, it’s Camryn’s favorite place too, so I expect we’ll run into her again sometime soon.

Well, it’s official now, I’ll

Well, it’s official now, I’ll be flapping my jaws in Austin for SXSW. Also, in the resume-stealing news, someone from the PassportAccess company doesn’t think they are violating any copyrights (scroll down to delfuego’s comment), since the resumes they are pilfering don’t explicitly have copyright notices on them, as if they needed them. Thanks to Jason at Queso for that. I’m working on an article about the whole thing, which may be online very soon.