Crap. I came in to

Crap. I came in to work today to get some projects done, and I wanted to take an afternoon run around campus. After a few hours of coding, I put on my running shoes, walked outside, and it’s raining. And it’s cold. And I’m wearing shorts. And it will be dark soon. Crap.

Around 12:30am last night, one

Around 12:30am last night, one of my cats, Mozilla (picture), jumped up on the fridge (he jumped over a cereal box blockade), and knocked down an unopened bottle of balsamic vinegar. After falling 7 feet, the bottle exploded on the floor, instantly marinating the small kitchen’s floors and cabinets. After about an hour of mopping, sweeping, and picking small bits of glass from our floor and carpets, it was clean. We left the windows open for a few hours, but the apartment still smells like a vinaigrette.

Well 3 solid weeks of

Well 3 solid weeks of work have finally paid off, as a site I just finshed went online. I still have some minor changes to make to it, but I’m happy with how it turned out. (note: there may be problems accessing it, but I have no control over the server)

Last night, I had some

Last night, I had some downtime between projects, so I grabbed my digital camera, set it on a table and took some shots of myself. After getting them into photoshop, I decided to play around with some colors and interfaces, and what you see now is the result. I hope I don’t look too suicidal. :) I’ll be slowly converting the rest of the site to this new orange/black/white palatte.

I’ve been losing track of

I’ve been losing track of time lately, and having problems knowing what day it is. Then I realized I’ve been working 14+ hr. days off and on for the past couple weeks. I remember seeing a recent US News & World Report article that said the average american workweek was now around 47 hours. This weekend, I’m taking a tip from the people and finally taking a couple days off to do something fun away from my computers.

Last month, I started using

Last month, I started using Spyonit to keep track of things on the web. It’s been great, letting me know when important pages change, when stocks spike or fall, and when there’s bad weather coming. I also put a couple watches on my favorite ski resorts. Today it snowed 14″ at Jackson Hole, making their total over 5 and half feet of new snow since the new year. What am I doing behind this desk, sitting at a computer? To Do List Item #1: go snowboarding.